Royal Massage

benefit of masssage

As this technique requires two masers, that is, four hands, hence (probably) the name royal massage in ludhiana.

At the same time, they massage two massagers, one of whom creates movements and the other follows it. This helps to balance the flow of fluid in the body while relaxing both sides of the body.

This massage combines a relaxing, shiatsu, aroma, anti-cellulite massage. A very successful technique for detoxing, relaxing and eliminating stress and restoring body harmony. Also good at combating cellulite. Both massagers must be perfectly coordinated and well-groomed for the effect to be complete. I have performed this type of massage very often and that is why I know exactly that playfulness is vital to the complete success of this technique.

Of course it is more expensive than a regular massage because it is performed by two massagers, but the feeling is twofold, so you feel like you have experienced two massages in one treatment. Indulging in experienced and synchronized masseurs guarantees one unforgettable experience for your body.

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Special massages

In our Spa we are specialists in making both the mind and the body relax, that’s why we propose two kinds of massages that will not leave you indifferent.

Balinese Massage
Balinese massage comes from the cultural crossroads between China, India and Thailand. It has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine, being a highly sensitive, energizing and spiritual massage. Its practice is ancestral and with it, the gods were worshiped (being beautiful was considered an offering). Treat the body in all its planes: physical, mental and spiritual, being an incomparable therapy to combat cellulite, flaccidity or wrinkles, and remedy problems of anxiety, stress and emotional blocks.

It takes into account the 5 elements of nature and Feng Shui, the energy points of the body (chakras) and the 5 senses. The sight is stimulated with its ritual of flowers, citrus fruits and oriental ornaments, the smell with the aromas of incense and hot essential oils, the taste with the flavor of the tea that is offered to the patient at the end of the session, the ear with the traditional music Balinese and the “pouring” of the oil, the touch with the slow and relaxing maneuvers of the massage.

Duration 60 minutes

Designed to balance the body, calm the mind and nourish the spirit through the stimulation of the circulation of vital energy that runs throughout our body. It reduces tensions, deeply hydrates the skin and relaxes it.

All this makes this massage a unique experience.

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